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DiMartino Associates was founded in 1990 by Greg DiMartino and built on the simple idea of giving clients exceptional value from their consultant every day. Healthcare continues to fundamentally change, and the way we access and pay for care continues to evolve. Relationships between insurers, providers and you as plan sponsors create challenges for you as you look to provide high quality affordable healthcare to employees. We at DiMartino Associates are passionate about working with you in every step to find and create the healthcare solutions that combine program quality, cost-effectiveness and long term sustainability. Above all, our solutions will be uniquely tailored to your needs.


We understand the complex challenges employers are facing and we are here to help manage demands such as: plan design and selection, costs management, administration, compliance, employee communication and wellness. We have a proven ability to work with various departments, committees and perspectives that exist within an organization and we will apply the consideration and patience necessary to arrive at favorable solutions.


Plan monitoring and evaluation, reporting, renewals management, administrative assistance, compliance advice, effective processes, regular meetings – these are some of our services that assist you with your responsibilities. In the changing industry and market environment, we strive to remain consistently and fully engaged and provide you support at every step in the process.


Our objective approach allows us to operate in complete openness with all of our clients – we happily disclose all compensation and fees up front and throughout our partnership with you.


In the last five years we have more than doubled our client base solely through existing client referrals. Our methods are recognized and successful, we have strong and long term client relationships and we look forward to bringing higher value and quality services to you and other clients in Washington and beyond.



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